Eberron Whitehearth Research Notes

Whitehearth Research Notes

5 Years, 4 Months ago
We have finally obtained the pattern and the schema found in Xen’drik and are able to begin our research. Although we do not have access to the remaining schemas, we remain optimistic that we will be able to reverse engineer something useful for the war from what we have.

… several corrupted documents

4 Years, 3 Months ago (dated the day before the Mourning)
The machine is complete and all Cannith personnel have been evacuated from Rose Quarry. We are ready to test. I shall remain in the scrying room to watch the results of the test, while J’larah and Lorcan open the dome and test the machine.

4 Years, 3 Months ago, supplement
The test was… To my horror it has exceeded our expectations.

Rose Quarry has been wiped from the map and possibly forever preserved in glass when it cools. The… the screams I witnessed as dwarves were engulfed and burned were as terrible as they were short. They are only dwarves, and yet I cannot get the image of their deaths out of my head.

What have we done?

J’larah and Lorcan have reviewed the tests result and our decision is unanimous. We will dismantle the machine. Such range and such destructive power! We cannot allow this to become the new normal in this war, no matter how profitable such a weapon could be.

4 Years, 3 Months ago (dated the day of the Mourning)
(this entry plays a voice recording)
While I was helping J’larah and Lorcan dismantle the machine, I received a most disturbing sending from Barron d’Cannith. I must get to the scrying room to see for myself. Perhaps I can even stop —

distant explosion noise, distant rumbling increasing in volume

I’m too late. ashkanith vargurm — aaaaaaargh gurgling noises

Eberron Whitehearth Research Notes

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