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The following is an overview of the last two sessions for those who did not attend


  • Open with sounding of the Draakhorn. Emerson/Lilliana is much more strongly affected than the others, and feels some deep desire to go to the source.
  • Party finds Garrow’s airship hidden in the jungle nearby. Merrix nowhere to be seen.
  • When the party gets back, in exchange for the many schemas found (and especially the original 4 and the broken pattern), Merrix through Elaydran grants the party the deed to Erstwhile Manor, a small but complete tower on the southern edge of the Skyway in Sharn. The mansion is self-sustaining through investments, and comes with a small staff of maids and butlers and valet. There is also a private airship dock sticking out over the city.
    • They also get their original reward of 4000 gp each
    • Muroni accepts as her reward production of her new play, “The Xen’drik Caper”, with residuals. She does not join the group permanently.
  • Lucan Stellos drops by the mansion a couple weeks after the party gets home.
    • He is now restored to his post with the Dark Lanterns, even though he is a free willed vampire. Food proves easy enough to obtain morally, and life continues for him more or less normally, if tormentedly.
    • He explains that he was dominated by a powerful kalashtar psion vampire named Calderus, whom he had been investigating originally for the Dark Lanterns in Sharn. Calderus then performed the vampire curse rather than raise him as a vampire spawn. He doesn’t know why she did that, but that’s the way she did it. He explains that Calderus’ domination was superceded by the soul blade, leading to the party’s previous adventure. Now free of both dominations, he works again for the Dark Lanterns in the same role as before, albeit with greatly enhanced abilities as a spy.
    • Lucan mentions that he wanted to speak to Lilliana specifically because he believes that Calderus is also responsible for Lilliana’s curse.
    • However, Calderus has always been shadowy, and Lucan has been quite unable to pick up her trail again.
  • Months pass. Party shops, hangs out, goes to parties. Through the play, which becomes very popular, the party becomes famous.
    • Over the course of those months, news begins to trickle in about raids on small villages all over the countryside.
    • The raids happen at night, and the villages are universally burned to the ground, with only charred remains discovered and few at that.
    • The raids happen far inland from any contested border, in otherwise peaceful areas.
    • The raids start initially in Breland, but start spreading to all nations, including Darguun and even Droaam.
    • Over time, the raids increase in frequency; what started as speculation about bandits becomes fear that the nations are secretly at war with each other, until one day, a local rag scoops that a new group may be behind the attacks: they call themselves the Hand of the Dragon
    • After the scoop more raids occur, but this time, survivors are left, and they all report being attacked by the Hand.
    • Several high ranking nobles are assasinated with the Hand claiming responsibilty via gnome messenger services. The latest, last week, was Lord Ruken ir’Clarn, a prominent menber of Parliament who had been calling for a republican end to the herediatry monarchy after King Boranel dies.
    • King Boranel calls for a council to deal with the new threat and invites every nation in Khorvaire to send a delegate or attend as head of state.
    • Three days later, the party, now known popularly as the Xen’drik Caperers, are invited to attend the council in an advisory role.

Council Notes:

  • Pulled aside by Viorr Maelat (Dark Lantern). He explains to the PCs that he believes it will be nearly impossible to get any faction to commit with diplomacy alone. He suggests the PCs leverage their influence with the factions, either making backroom deals or “getting things done”, as necessary, to win a pledge.
  • Just before the council begins, the Draakhorn sounds again.
  • Council run by King Boranel himself.
  • Boranel calls on Rusty, Eme, and Nixxi to report.
    • They have been working for the Dark Lanterns, investigating the Hand of the Dragon for Viorr. They discovered the following:
      • The Hand of the Dragon are a splinter group of humanoids under new leadership that broke away from the Cult of the Dragon Below around a decade ago. In that time, they have been attempting learn of and gather 5 powerful artifacts known as the Dragon Masks, which allow the wielder a certain amount of influence over dragons, but when brought together can be used as the focus of a powerful ritual to summon Tiamat.
      • Rusty recounts how the three of them tried — and failed — to keep the Hand from gaining the final Mask, and how they learned of their plans, only barely escaping with their lives.
      • Rusty explains how the Hand’s raids are to gather the necessary sacrifices for the ritual, which will require thousands of living beings, and a large treasure horde to tempt her to return, and to help them recruit an army.
      • Rusty explains that the earthquake expeirenced last month and today are the sounding of the Draakhorn. It has the power to bring draconic allies to the Hand of the Dragon, and the council should expect it to sound more frequently as the Hand move toward their goal.
      • Rusty does not know the location of the Hand of the Dragon, but volunteers to try to find it.
  • Boranel calls for an expert on the Draakhorn to come forth.
    • Dala Silmerhelve of Sharn University reports that Maccath the Crimson is the foremost expert on the Draakhorn. However, she left on an expidition to Icehaven Sound off the coast of Icewhite Island shortly after the Draakhorn sounded for the first time. She was in pursuit of the Draakhorn, that area being the last known location of the artifact. However, contact with Maccath was lost weeks ago, and scrying has proved fruitless.
  • Boranel calls for an expidition to investigate Icehaven Sound and asks the council to nominate leadership.
    • Several groups, including the Xen’drik Caperers, are nominated to lead the expidition.
    • After a vote, the Caperers are accepted, and deputized by the council, funded by the crown, to requisition any supplies necessary for the trip.
  • Council will reconvene in 2 months, and will receive the Caperers report at that time.
  • Viorr gives the Caperers several writs of authority which should be good throughout the 5 Kingdoms to requisition supplies as necessary, and recommends several resources the PCs might use for their quest.

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