Randolpho’s Campaigns

Let’s face it; I’m cheap. I love Obsidian Portal, but I don’t want to spring cash for it. I wish OP monetary success, but I simply cannot pay. The two campaign limit has forced this on me — I already regret having deleted my old campaign to make room for this one. And so I am consolidating all of my campaigns to this, organizing them to a single wiki.

Campaigns in Progress

Campaigns Completed

  • Night Below — The AD&D 2e epic adventure/campaign Night Below, set in an undefined fantasy world and played with the Tavern Tales RPG rules.
  • The Apotheotics — A home-brew campaign played under the Pathfinder rules collaboratively generated by the players using Microscope RPG rules. In an ancient world of magic, monsters and demons, grand empires have risen and fallen many times.
  • Dragonlance: The War Of The Lance — The Dragonlance War of the Lance, as a D&D 4th Edition campaign. Utilizes the Dragonlance Classics 15th Anniversary Edition and those of the classic DL modules that I still have lying around, all modified for 4th Edition megafun.

Randolpho's Campaigns

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