Night Below Vladnar


Vladnar is a male human occultist who has made a pact with the fiend Eris. He has inflicted a form of madness on Charna that causes her to believe he is someone to be protected at all costs. His sister is Selyna


Brawn Finesse Mind Spirit
-1 1 3 2
Life Block Toughness Level
40 1 10 3


Themes: Occultism


  • Gloves of Nightmare, reach/disarm
  • Amulet of Despair, melee/rending
  • Longbow, ranged/far


  • Currency: 20 gp
  • Cloak of Displacement (+1 Block)
  • Adventurer’s Pack (stuffed into Cloak pockets)
  • Gloves of Nightmare
  • Amulet of Despair
  • 50 arrows

Trait Descriptions

Unspeakable Horror • Action (Occultism, Combat)

Describe how you horrify a creature → Bolster. Terrify a creature within a close distance. Resisting.

Trial by Fire • Slow Action (Occultism, Exploration)

Describe how you leave your plane → You enter the border between realms, taking willing travelers with you. This allows you to travel very long distances in a short amount of time; however, you may expose yourself to the dangers of planar travel.

Dark Visions • Slow Action (Occultism, Interaction)

Describe how you manipulate someone → Choose one option for a creature that you’re speaking with:

  • Dark Desires: Learn their darkest, most twisted desire.
  • Twisted Thoughts: Make the target permanently insane (they gain a phobia, they hear voices, they hallucinate, etc).
Plaguebearer (Undeath, Combat)

Inflict random hallucinations upon any creature you transfer saliva to (i.e. spit, kiss), or with a damaging attack. Immediate effects are decreasing all rolls for two rounds due to hallucinations. Long term effects are occasional severe and random hallucinations.

Hunt the Living (Undeath, Exploration)

You can track any creature you have affected with a mind affecting effect (such as Dark Visions or Plaguebearer). This appears to you to be similar to a smokey trail or bread-crumb trail that dissipates over the course of a week. You can tell by concentrating on the trail, who made the trail and the direction they were travelling.

This is an arcane effect.

Night Below Vladnar

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