Night Below Selyna


Selyna is a female human psionicist and twin sister to Vladnar


Brawn Finesse Mind Spirit
-1 1 3 2
Life Block Toughness Level
40 1 10 4


Themes: Psionics


  • Whip, melee/reach
  • Crystal Ring, ranged/accurate
  • Spring-loaded Blade, melee/piercing


  • Currency: 0 gp
  • Crystal Ring
    • Replacement crystals for 50 shots
  • Whip
  • Spring-loaded Blade
  • Leather Armor (Block +1)

Trait Descriptions

Mind Control • Action (Psionics, Combat)

Describe how you take control → A creature within a close distance gains a turn to immediately resolve, which you control. During that turn, you can treat one of its rolls as if it had the same result as your Mind Control roll. Resisting.

Psychic Resonance (Psionics, Exploration)

When you touch an object, you can ask any question about the item’s previous owner, which the GM must answer honestly. You can only do this once for each object each day.

Read Mind • Slow Action (Psionics, Interaction)

Describe how you invade the thoughts of a visible creature → Choose one:

  • Access Memory: Ask a question about the target’s beliefs, personality, or memories, and the GM must answer honestly.
  • Hear Thoughts: The GM must tell you what the target is thinking and feeling until it is no longer under your gaze
Lobotomize • Slow Action (Psionics, Interaction)

Describe how you access the mind of a creature you’re touching → Add or remove a memory or personality trait for the target. You can’t make the target forget how to do things (swing a sword, read, cast spells, etc).

Telekinesis (Psionics, Exploration)

You can exert force and manipulate objects out to a far distance. You can manipulate any combination of objects as long as they collectively don’t exceed your approximate size. Extenuating factors (concentrating for several minutes, tapping into a power source, collaborating with other telekineticists, etc) may allow you to ignore that limitation. Roll -1 damage die if you use this to attack.

Night Below Selyna

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