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Night Below is a 2nd Edition AD&D boxed set I’ve had for some 20 years now and somehow never managed to run as DM. Well that all ended this weekend when we finally started it — using the Tavern Tales RPG rules rather than D&D. Who knows how that’s going to go?

The Setting

Totally undefined, totally unnecessary to the adventure. Standard D&D-ish fantasy, because of the way the adventure is set up, but other than that… dunno. Does it really matter?

The Players

  • Charna, a female tiefling thief magically bound to serve Vladnar as bodyguard. Played by Bruce.
  • Selyna, a female human psionicist. Twin sister to Vladnar. Played by Chuck.
  • Vladnar, a male human occultist, bound to patron fiend Eris. Twin brother to Selyna. Played by Emerson.
  • Grizzler the young, a male half-dwarf warrior. Mercenary. Played by Christine.


  • What’s in the Box?
  • Good Luck Storming the Castle
    • Find these bandits that are kidnapping people and stuff.
  • I Have a Very Particular Set of Skills
    • Find the missing apprentice. What was her name again? I can’t… It’s on tip of my tongue…. Jellyfish? No… Oh, yeah: Jelleneth



  • Clichea — the world in which this campaign takes place.
    • Haranshire — a rural area far from most forms of civilization. North of Gondar, South of the Northern Shire, near the Kingwood Forest.


Night Below - Main

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