Night Below Grizzler


Grizzler the Young is a half-dwarf (on his father’s side) mercenary who had been out adventuring but after a recent string of bad luck made his way to Haranshire to try to bum some money off his grandfather and namesake, Old Grizzler.

Although Ol’ Grizzler actually rather likes his grandson, he didn’t give him any moneys. Grizzler the young has decided to take up with the PCs to earn some bread.


Brawn Finesse Mind Spirit
-1 2 3 1
Life Block Toughness Level
40 3 10 3


Themes: Occultism


  • Double Swords (melee, reach, rending, staggering)


  • Currency: 15 gp
  • Double Swords
  • Adventurer’s Pack
  • Studded Hide Armor w/ Scale Mail (Block +2)

Trait Descriptions

Master of Arms (Warfare, Combat)

You are immune to disable.You have 2 additional weapon keywords (refer to the items section).

Centered Breath (Martial Arts, Exploration)

You can hold your breath for about 1 hour, and you can ignore extreme weather conditions (blizzards, freezing water, having no water in the desert, etc) for about 1 day.

Large and in Charge (Savagery, Interaction)

Increase all rolls you make to intimidate, scare, and coerce.

Stampede (Beast, Interaction)

Describe how you call out to the feral wilds → Native animals begin acting aggressive. If no animals are present, they begin gathering in the area.

Bloodlust (Savagery, Combat)

If your life is less than or equal to half your maximum life, you roll +1 damage die.If your life is less than or equal to your toughness, you roll an extra +1 damage die.

Night Below Grizzler

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