Night Below Charna


Charna is a female tiefling thief, magically bound to protect Vladnar.


Brawn Finesse Mind Spirit
-1 3 1 2
Life Block Toughness Level
40 3 10 4


Themes: Alchemy, Dragon, Theivery


  • Shortsword, melee/blocking
  • Dagger, melee/rending


  • Currency: 2021 gp
  • Lockpicks
  • Shortsword
  • Dagger
  • Cloth Armor (Block +1)
  • Adventurer’s pack
  • Wings of Flying
  • Bag of Holding

Trait Descriptions

Spontaneous Combustibles (Alchemy, Combat)

Whenever you see a strange chemical (unlabeled barrel, bag of powder, puddles of ooze, etc), choose an option from below to determine what happens when the chemical is disturbed. Anyone can disturb the chemical. If there aren’t any present chemicals, you can force the GM to add one.

  • Flash: Blind all creatures in a blast centered on the chemical, and deafen them for several minutes. Resisting.
  • Corrode: Whoever disturbs the chemical picks an item or feature of the terrain that is within a close distance of the chemical. It is destroyed or damaged.
  • Explode: Deal the alchemist’s ranged damage in a blast centered on the chemical; roll +1 damage die.
  • Heal: Whoever disturbs the chemical heals life equal to its toughness. Resisting.
  • Poison: The nearest creature (you choose on a tie) bleeds.
For the Hoard (Dragon, Exploration)

Describe how you covet → Choose one:

  • Collector: The GM tells you where to find the most valuable nearby item you don’t own, and a relevant fact about it.
  • MINE! The GM tells you exactly where to find a valuable item you touched before.
Safehouse (Thievery, Interaction)

You know the location of all safe houses, which are common criminal havens that are well hidden or disguised as legitimate establishments. They are considered neutral ground, and they have resources for criminals (black market wares, thugs for hire, smuggler’s tunnel out of the city, etc). You and your present allies can safely access these safe houses.

Sneak Attack (Thievery, Combat)

When you successfully attack an unsuspecting victim, the target can’t speak for about 1 minute and you choose one:

  • Backstab: Roll +2 damage die.
  • Knife to the Throat: Don’t deal damage and hold the target. If it would logically fear your threat, the target obeys your commands while you maintain the hold. When you end the hold, you can damage the target.
  • Sap: If logical, knock the target unconscious instead of dealing damage.
Lurker (Thievery, Exploration)

Increase all rolls you make to sneak and hide.Others can’t track you or those who travel with you.

Night Below Charna

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