Eberron Elaydrens Note

My friends,

I write this note in haste. The schema you recovered for me has turned out to be something greater than I suspected. It appears to be part of a larger pattern whose purpose I cannot determine, although I have several guesses, none of them good. More importantly, there are rivals within my own house and other parties who are interested in it, such as the Lord of Blades with whom you have dealt. I fear their motivations are malignant. I fear for my life. I must flee immediately.

I will take the schema to a safe, hidden location, if only to keep it out of the hands of our rivals. I ask that you also divert the attention of those parties and seek the remaining pieces of the pattern. I will reward you quite handsomely; 500 GP each. I have enclosed an advance and I will deliver the remainder in exchange for the second schema when we meet again in Darguun.

I believe another piece of the pattern can be found at Whitehearth, a workshop kept by the House of Cannith in Cyre. Its location was a closely guarded secret; sadly I believe those who knew its location were killed on the Day of Mourning. However, I believe records of its location may be found in a Cannith outpost in Rose Quarry, a now abandoned town on the Darguun/Mournland border.

Travel through Darguun is perilous, as much of the region does not recognize the central authority. I highly recommend the use of a guide. I recommend Breeland James. Although uncouth, he has proved useful to me in the past. He is likely to be found in one of the many taverns in Rhukaan Draal.

Enclosed you will find letters of passage that you can use to get you to Rhukaan Draal. From there make your way to Rose Quarry, and then further into the Mournland to Witehearth. In this package you will also find a keycharm that should help you when you get to Whitehearth. When you have retreieved the schema return to Rukaan Draal; I will leave a message at the Sivis message station there with further conact instructions.


Eberron Elaydrens Note

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