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Player Rules

  • Players begin at 5th level
  • Players may play any class from the 4th Edition Players Handbook or Players Handbook 2.
    • Players may choose to play classes with the Divine Power Source (Cleric, Paladin, Avenger, Invoker), but may not obtain any powers associated with that class until they have been properly ordained to a true God. (This campaign will center initially around the rediscovery of the Gods, so don’t worry too much about power loss. :)).
      • Instead of Prayers, Clerics may chose powers as if they were actually members of the Warlord class, Paladins may chose powers as if they were members of the Fighter class, Avengers may chose powers as if they were members of the Rogue class, and Invokers may chose powers as if they were members of the Wizard class.
      • Class features such as Channel Divinity, Healing Word, Divine Challenge, or Lay on Hands, are unavailable until ordained. If you play a Cleric or a Paladin, you do not gain access to the class features of Fighters or Warlords.
      • When you are ordained to a true God, you may chose to replace any number of Warlord or Fighter Exploits with Prayers of equivalent level. You may also chose not to replace those exploits, merely obtaining new Prayers as you progress in level at a later date. Whichever route you chose, the choice must be made at ordainment and cannot be unmade. If you chose to keep cross-class exploits, you are subject to the normal rules for retraining.
  • Although Residuum can be used to replace Sanctified Incenses as a Ritual Component, it does so at four times the cost of Sanctified Incenses alone. Additionally, Sanctified Incense can only be created by an ordained Cleric or Paladin.

PC Races

Note: Players may play any of the following races. Other races in the PH1 or PH2 do not exist in the Dragonlance campaign or are not available as a playable race.

Dragonlance Player Info

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