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Fans of the Dragonlance series of novels who have stumbled upon this humble campaign, please take note:

Although this campaign will remain true to the spirit of the original War of the Lance — especially the original D&D version thereof — this campaign breaks canon in many, many ways. Dragonlance fans tend, in my experience, to be among the most strict when it comes to adhering to canon from the novels, especially in a D&D game.

To them I say only this: this game belongs to the PCs, not the original Heroes of the Lance.

Player Introduction

Three hundred years ago, the Gods turned away from mortals for their sins, hurling a fiery mountain from the heavens to punish the world of Krynn in an event known as the Cataclysm. The world was shattered; the land cracked and the sea poured in. Millions perished. Empires fell. Nations were destroyed. Divine magic, the power of the Gods, left the land.

In the daily struggle to survive over the next few centuries, people invented new gods to worship, but their prayers went unanswered. Despite this, the new gods gained a large following, but they were jealous gods (or so their clergy implied) and heresy soon became a crime punishable by a horrible death at the stake.

The great nations of the world were vastly diminished, and trade and communication between the realms faltered. Areas became isolated; the dwarves in Thorbardin closed their great gates, shutting themselves into the mountains; the elves in Qualinesti and Silvanesti cut themselves off from the world, blaming humanity for the Gods turning away from Krynn; the great nations of Ergoth and Solamnia are mere shadows of what they once were; the famous white-winged sea-vessels of Tarsis are not seen in those northern port cities that survived the Cataclysm or those that have grown up along the new seas; the most powerful empire on the planet, the shining beacon of goodness and vice known as Istar, is no more, burned under the fiery mountain, drowned under thousands of square miles of sea.

Many in these dark times find comfort in the tales of old; stories of Huma Dragonbane, the great Knight of Solamnia who, wielding the power of the Dragonlance, drove the Queen of Darkness Takhisis from the world, along with her hordes of dragons. Few believe these myths in these more ahem enlightened days, but they find them comforting, nonetheless.

As players in this campaign, you are a rag-tag group of hired guards who had once accompanied a wandering merchant on his travels about the plains of Abanasinia. Over time you became fast friends but you separated two years ago, driven by divergent personal goals and competing rumors of the return of the true Gods. You each vowed to meet again in two years on the fall equinox at the Inn of the Last Home, nestled atop the mighty Valenwood trees of Solace.

Today is the day of your return, the day you fulfill your vow, but you bring no news of the true Gods. Instead, you bring with you rumors of war in the East. Dark forces are moving to conquer much of Ansalon, and rumor has it that Abanasinia is next on their list.

Player Characters

  • Silentstorm, a Human Druid from the Que Shu tribe on the plains of Abanasinia.
  • Helrak, a Dwarven Paladin from a small village in southern Abanasinia.
  • Thorim, a Half-elven Warlock from Qualinesti.

Deceased Player Characters

  • Beldan, an Elven Ranger from Qualinesti.

Additional Info

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