Dragonlance Canticle of the Dragon

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Out of the darkness of dragons, Out of our cries for light In the blank face of the black moon soaring, A banked light flared in Solamnia, A knight of truth and of power, Who called down the Gods themselves, And forged the mighty Dragonlance, piercing the soul Of dragonkind, driving the shade of their wings From the brightening shores of Krynn.

Paladine, the Great God of Good Shone at the side of Huma, Strengthening the lance of his strong right arm, And Huma, ablaze in a thousand moons, Banished the Queen of Darkness Takhisis, Banished the swarm of her shrieking hosts Back to the senseless kingdom of death, where their curses Swooped upon nothing and nothing Deep below the brightening land.

Thus ended in thunder the Age of Dreams And began the Age of Might, When Istar, kingdom of light and truth, arose in the east, Where minarets of white and gold Spired to the sun and to the sun’s glory, Announcing the passing of evil, And Istar, who mothered and cradled the long summers of good, Shone like a meteor In the white skies of the just.

Yet in the fullness of sunlight, The Kingpriest of Istar saw shadows At night he saw the trees as things with daggers, the streams Blackened and thickened under the silent moon. He searched books for the paths of Huma For scrolls, signs, and spells So that he, too, might summon the Gods, might find Their aid in his holy aims, Might purge the world of sin.

Then came the time of dark and death As the Gods turned from the world. A mountain of fire crashed like a comet through Istar The city split like a skull in flames, Mountains burst from once-fertile valleys, Seas poured into the graves of mountains, The deserts sighed on abandoned floors of seas, The highways of Krynn erupted And became the paths of the dead.

Thus began the Age of Despair. The roads were tangled. The winds and the sandstorms dwelt in the husks of cities, The plains and mountains became our home. As the old gods lost their power, We called to the blank sky Into the cold, dividing gray to the ears of new gods. The sky is calm, silent, unmoving. We had yet to hear their answer.

Dragonlance Canticle of the Dragon

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