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Ordinarily, the Blue Crystal Staff appears as a plain quarterstaff of strong wood such as ash or oak, adorned on one end with a totem of several eagle feathers on a simple loop of leather. When the Blue Crystal Staff uses one of its powers it flashes with radiant blue light. When the light diminishes, the staff appears as slender staff of radiant blue crystal adorned with an ornate headpiece of ruby and diamond. After a minute the beautiful staff fades to its more mundane appearance.

Blue Crystal Staff Level 7 Unique Item

Lvl 7 +2; No GP Value

Weapon: Quarterstaff

Implement (Holy Symbol)

Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls

Critical: 2d6 radiant damage

Property: Deals an extra 1d6 radiant damage against Evil or Chaotic Evil creatures.

Power: As Cleric’s Healing Word power.

Power: As Cleric’s Priest’s Shield prayer.

Power: As Cleric’s Healing Strike prayer.

Power: As Cleric’s Beacon of Hope prayer.

Power: As Cleric’s Cure Light Wounds prayer.

Power: As Cleric’s Cure Serious Wounds prayer.

Special: Powers with the Melee touch range require that the Staff touch the beneficiary of the power.

Special: The Blue Crystal Staff appears as an ordinary quarterstaff unless one of its powers are used. If a power is used, the staff flashes blue radiant light that deals 2d6 radiant damage (close burst 5) to all nearby Evil or Chaotic Evil creatures, including allies of such alignment. After the flash, the true form of the staff is revealed and remains visible for the remainder of the encounter. It fades to its ordinary appearance as the encounter ends (one minute if a power was used outside of an encounter).

Special: If an Evil or Chaotic Evil creature picks up or in any other way touches the Blue Crystal Staff, it takes 1d6 radiant damage per round as long as the creature continues to hold the Staff. Exception: If while wielding the Staff a Good or Lawful Good aligned creature choses to invoke Cure Light Wounds or Cure Serious Wounds on an Evil or Chaotic Evil creature (both of which require that the staff touch the creature in question) the creature is healed as normal and does not take radiant damage.

Dragonlance Blue Crystal Staff

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