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In an ancient world of magic, monsters and demons, grand empires have risen and fallen many times.



The following items are specifically not banned from the timeline / campaign:

  • Fantasy, high magic, including all standard Pathfinder races and monsters
  • Standard Pathfinder Gods and Deities
  • Evil Player Characters
  • The Luggage from Discworld (Sapient Pearwood)


The following items are specifically banned from the timeline / campaign:

  • Space and Steampunk Themes
  • Guns
  • Psionics
  • Planescape


  • Even by the time of the Daknor Empire, the earliest empire in the records of the Monks of Time, there were rumors of ancient and wondrous civilizations who built amazing and magical things. Some of those things still survive to this day.
    • King Daknor receives the Crown of Power from the Dragons as an offering of peace, ending The Great War Against Dragons that Daknor had waged
      • Daknor was required to give up his great sword Wyrmslayer, which had the power to kill Dragons, in a peace offering to the Dragons in a trade, the Crown for the Sword.
    • Orcsperfect the art of distillation of alchohol
    • Orcs establish the Daknor Empire
    • Elves are enslaved by the Orcs of the Daknor Empire
    • The Orcan Inquisition successfully eliminates all use of magic
      • An elven slave steals the Crown of Power and hides it. The Crown of Power has never since been found.
    • The Orcan Inquisition successfully eliminate all religion across the empire, enforcing an atheistic society that glories strength and cunning over all things.
  • Humans, which had previously been unknown to the rest of the world, arrive on the main continent.
    • Humans bring the worship of the Pathfinder Gods (see Pathfinder RPG) with them. This worship is non-magical in nature until the rediscovery of divine magic by the halflings. It is generally accepted that these gods do not exisit by the other races.
    • The first humans establish the city of Carthis on the western coast.
    • Humans first cultivate narcotic plants such as marijuana and opium.
    • Humans discover that they can interbreed with all other humanoid and monstrous humoniod races. Before this time, interbreeding among humanoid species was not possible. The race of the mother determines the race of the half-breed. Half-orcs and half-elves are a known exception; they quickly become establed as independent races.
      • The city of Carthis was unknowingly settled over an ancient dragon breeding ground, which is itself imbued magic that enabled the dragons to interbreed with other races. It is believed this breeding ground is what allows humans to interbreed with other species.
      • How did humans discover they could interbreed? Humans established a series of brothels of the various races controlled by the narcotics that they had previously cultivated. The trade was vigorous, and halfbreeds began to appear where they were unexpected due to lack of pregnancy prevention because of the existing knowledge that the races could not interbreed.
    • The dwarven Undermountain Empire, opens its doors to humans, in an attempt to establish peaceful relations with other races.
    • Halflings have long been mistreated by the other races; a group of halflings establish The Cabal, a group of assasins with the goal of taking revenge against the other races.
    • The gnomes, inspired by the glorious Daknor Empire, establish their own kingdom after a civil war with the dwarves of Undermountain
  • Elves use magic to free themselves from the Orcs
    • Elves rediscover the use and control of magic. Before this time, no other humanoid race knew how to use magic.
      • How did the elves discover magic? Escaped elven slaves were taught magic by Kiven, an intelligent dragon who did not want his race’s knowledge to die with the dragons, who were beginning to die out.
    • The ratfolk disocver alchemy
    • The concept of “belief magic” is first explored by halflings, who discover that the Gods do not actually provide clerical magic, but the magic comes from the cleric himself and is based on the strength of his conviction. This is the way divine magic works. This knowledge is not common, but is well known by the twelve leaders of the Cabal.
    • Halfling assasins kill the inner circle of elven mages, with poisons made by the ratfolk, thus establishing the long racial hatred between elves and halflings.
  • The fall of the Daknor Empire is caused by an artifact found by humans that transforms Orcs into brutish monsters.
    • The Daknor Empire established the Game of Life, a rugby-like team game that was played across the empire – the losing team lost their lives. Variants of the game exist to this day, but usually do not result in the death of the losing team.
  • The great awakening. During which the major deities of the realm are established. The Eldest Gods Veyohi and Natasha reveal themselves at this time. Veyohi (LN) claims to be the creator of the world. Natasha (CE) is his consort and antagonist.
    • The Cult of the Dragon, who worship dragons and claim that Veyohi and Natasha are dragons, is established.
    • The King of Carthis declares a new deity, the Grand Oracle (LN), which by law is accepted as a deity within Carthis. The Grand Oracle has the portfolios of peace, order, and prosperity. Politcally, it’s a vessel for the leadership to control the masses.
  • The great war between the evil necromancer, Azael and the Twelve Nations
    • The last dragon Arcturus creates the Twelve Rings of Power and gives them to the leaders of the Twelve Nations
      • What are the Rings of Power? Although it is not commonly known, the Rings of Power are intelligent magic items capable of taking control of a host body and passing from host to host. Thus the leaders of the Twelve Nations are essentially the same person and have been alive for the last two centuries.
    • Azael’s Staff of the Dead is broken asunder after his defeat. The destruction of the Staff of the Dead released his control over the undead, who disperse and spread across the land.
    • The Cabal steal a dozen pieces of the Staff of the Dead and implant them in weapons, such as swords or daggers. A person killed by one of these weapons rises as an undead wraith some number of days after their death. These wraiths later become known as Cabal Wraiths.
    • The Cabal form the Cult of the Dead, essentialy worshipping the spirit of Azael. Azeal influences the leadership of the Cabal in the hopes of returning from the dead.
  • End Period The Great Pax Arcturus has lasted for two centuries, keeping the Twelve Nations at peace. But the threat of the Eastern Tribes and Gaxian Dominion loom from beyond the Walls of Arcturus
    • The Hunger Games are established. Every other year, each Nation submits a single champion to compete in a game of survival, the lone survivor wins The Trophy for his or her nation, which is a magical artifact that is believed to grant prosperity to the nation that holds it.
    • The Eastern Tribes are mainly a mix of gnomes, humans and halflings, refugees from the war with Azael. They worship the Spirit Religion, which is a totemic religion; each tribe has its own totem spirit animal. The Eastern Tribes begin to form at this time.
    • The Northern Wood Gnomes, one of the Twelve Nations, create a grand bardic college, which is the envy of all other nations. This college holds annual celebrations in each nation, one every month, showcasing the finest bards they have to offer.
    • The grand bardic college invents the soundstone, a magical device capable of repeating any sound recorded onto it. The bards jealously guard knowledge of how to make these artifacts.
    • The Full Games are established, which is a culinary battle held each year with one contestestant per Nation, to establish the best new recipe in the Twelve Nations with no restrictions on ingredients. This game is secretly used by the food producing guilds to control pricing of their goods.
  • Current Events
    • There are rumors that the Twelve Rings of Power are starting to fail. The rumors are that when the rings fail, they will generate twelve Great Wraiths.
      • When the leader of one of the nations is publicly assinated at his daughter’s wedding by the Cabal, his wraith appears instantly and begins attacking the guests, slaying his entire family. Thus creating a crisis of succession.
    • People are afraid of these Great Wraiths, and are blaming the Eastern Tribes for the failure of the Rings of Power. Some of the Twelve Nations have been sending out raiding parties out to the Eastern Tribes.
    • Sterntal is the capital of Sterntal, one of the Twelve Nations. Sterntal is built over a canyon formed by the intersection of five mighty rivers. There are rumors that the great arches that hold the city up, are about to fail. Sterntal is a very cosmopolitan city, having members of all races and nations among its citizenry.
    • At the University of Sterntal, the head of the archeology department has uncovered a small fragment of a map believed to be the location of the Crown of Power, once worn by Daknor.
    • The High Prostitute Of Texas Stella Leader of the Nation of Texas is murdered by the Cabal in the Best Little Whorehouse.
    • An envoy representing all of the Eastern Tribes has arrived in Sterntal in the hopes to quell the rising suspicion that they are responsible for the Wraiths.
    • There are rumors that The Cabal is preparing to strike against the envoy and make it look like it was done by all of the twelve nations.
  • Character Background
    • Everyone was an orphan at the Lost Suns Orphanage in Sterntal, and they were all friends. Everyone went their separate ways after the Orphanage was disbanded after the headmaster was killed by Emerson’s Character in a fit of rage. The Bros covered up the murder and split up.
    • Bruce
      • Growing up, he heard of an Orcish Monk sect that was started during the Daknor Empire and desired to seek out and learn the ways of this sect.
      • While at the monestary, he met an Orc Monk, Calibri, who recruited him into the remnants of the Orcan Inquisition, a sect of assasins intent on restoring the Daknor Empire. They are sworn enemies of the Cabal.
    • Chuck
      • He ended up living on the streets and got a job as a janitor at the University of Sterntal
      • He secretly gained an education at the University, using his job as a janitor to learn as much as he could. He is brilliant, but undiscovered. His favorite subjects are alchemy, artificing, and archeology.
    • Emerson
      • He fled to the Eastern Tribes, and failed to locate his family. He did make a few friends, one of which taught him the basics of stealth and nature. Unbeknownst to him, this friend was a member of the Cabal, a spy.
      • While in the Eastern Tribes, he learned the totemic worship of the wolverine.
      • Emerson came back to Sterntal as part of the envoy from the Eastern Tribes
    • Brian
      • He hid out in a military barracks and was caught by the constabulary and was “volunteered” for the Sterntal Foreign Legion, where he learned how to be a ranger and learned the basics of magic.
      • After basic training, he ran away from the Foreign Legion and found himself in Texas, where he fell in with a secondary assistant to the High Prostitue Stella. He was a “person of interest” in the murder of the High Prostitute, but fled back to Sterntal before he could be questioned.
    • Jason
      • He had found a piece of literature about the nature of clerical magic, but misinterpreted this to believe that he is himself a god. He intends to prove his divinity by bludgeoning people to death to make members of his zombie army. He is pathologically insane.
      • Within the literature he read about the Staff of the Dead, which may allow him to control undead. If only he could create, or reconstitute Azael’s Staff of the Dead.

Apotheotics Microscope

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