Eberron Lady Elaydren

A member of House Cannith, Lady Elaydren is human, with blond hair and blue eyes. She works for Baron Jorlanna d’Cannith, of the Western Cannith faction. She is currently operating out of Sharn in secret from the Southern Cannith faction, hoping to reunite the divided House Cannith by gathering heirlooms of common interest to the factions.

She originally hired the PCs to help her find a Schema, a magical set of blueprints for crafting items both mundane and magical. She described this particular Schema as an old family heirloom of little practical value.

Upon its recovery by the PCs, however, she discovered it was part of a larger Pattern whose purpose she did not yet understand, although she presumes it to be malign in nature. She also discovered that there are many others interested in the Schema and likely the whole Pattern. One of those factions is the Lord Of Blades, agents of whom the PCs encountered in the sewers beneath Sharn.

Lady Elaydren left the PCs a note and has fled to hide the Schema. Because of the interest, she hopes to gather the Schemas of the Pattern if only to ensure that others do not have them.

Eberron Lady Elaydren

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