Randolpho's Campaigns

Night Below Session 1

Wherein the PCs begin a journey to hickville to appease their fiendish patron

Our fist session was mostly character generation and feeling out the rules. After we finished that, we got down to brass tacks.

Vladnar was asleep on his dingy cot in his dank apartment in the bustling metropolis of W———- when he was visited again in his dreams by his fiendish patron, Eris. He was used to her flirty teases when she called upon him, but he hated waking up the next morning feeling like he’d been kicked between the legs.

After her nearly intolerable opening tease, appearing once again to look just like his twin sister Selyna she huffed, and petulantly informed Vladnar that someone to whom she owed a favor had come calling, and she needed Vladnar to deliver a package to some wizard named Tauster living in some farming town called Thurmaster. Apparently several important packages of his had been waylaid by bandits and he needed assurances that the next attempt would succeed. He chose to cash in a portion of her debt to him in exchange for those assurances.

Eris then spent the rest of Vladnar’s uncomfortable dream whining about how shitty it is to be indebted to a mortal.

The next morning, Vladnar unfortunately had no idea where he was going, but eventually discovered that Thurmaster was in a small province known as Haranshire, a couple month’s journey to the south-east. After purchasing a few maps with what little money he had left and picking up the package, he gathered his crew — Selyna and Charna — and faded into the planes of madness as a shortcut (used the Trial by Fire trait).

The less said about that trip, the better, but it was indeed trippy; the party barely escaped with their sanity intact. And, unfortunately, Vladnar apparently didn’t fully understand his destination, because they missed by some 50 miles. They eventually realized that they were several miles outside of Milborne instead.

After readjusting themselves to ordinary Euclidian geometry, the party set off for Tauster by way of the road to Milborne. Along the road they encountered three farm hands coming down the road toward them. Shortly after noticing them, arrows began to fall behind the farm hands, who quickly ran toward the PCs (as if to run past them) under a hail of arrows that somehow never managed to hit the farmers. This was discovered to be because the “farmers” were in league with the bandits, who began to attack once they had closed the distance to the PCs.

The party made short work of the bandits, with Charna using her Spontaneous Combustibles ability to blow up strange chemicals on one bandit’s belt, while Selyna used her Mind Control to cause the other bandits to attack each other, and Vladnar used Unspeakable Horror to scare off two archers and managed to subdue a third that had somehow managed to injure himself when his bowstring broke.

After the combat and before their prisoner awoke, the party searched their foes. Aside from some free money, the only thing of interest they found was a note on the apparent leader, which read:

  C - 
  The quality of your product has been poor of late. We have specific needs, and 
if those needs aren't met, the product is worthless. Don't guess, be CERTAIN! 

  Your quota this month has been increased to 10 as a result of your failure. Do 
not fail me again!
  - R

Selyna took the boot from “C” and used her Psychic Resonance ability to determine that “C” operated from a base some thirty miles to the east and south. This is marked on the map of Haranshire as Bandit Origin?.


Randolpho Randolpho

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